ÜLLE SINK and AARE FREIMANN  are estonian artists-animalists. 

Nature has a big sacral meaning in Ülle’s and Aare’s  life. One can often encounter hints of some other level of existence – the spiritual world - in their work. In the expressions of the creatures finds  the viewer the whole scale of mind states, at the same time there is no literacy or human role positioning what so ever. The works are founded on sensibility and through sensibility you can reach contact with them.

They prefer to communicate with the surrounding world through creation, everything personal is recognised as secondary.  Pursuing greatest possible freedom, the artists do not belong to any society, organisation or group. They do not define themselves as part of any school or style and they do not participate in art projects.

This extreme reclusivness doesn’t mean arrogance, but is a concious choice. All important ideas and meetings appear in a person’s life when you are ready to notice them. For this to happen, you have to clean the surrounding space of all redundant. So for  Ülle and Aare their creation is not a project but a faith, certainty and lifestyle and clay is the best starting material to shape their world.

The artists do not wish to have any middlemen. As all of their works are unique and leaving them inevitably hurts, they wish to look in the eyes of the people who will be responsible for the rest of the creatures lives.

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gallery/aare freimann kirjaga

25.07.1957 - 23.03.2017